Arrival in Jinan

I wrize the short verdion after two days travellin I’m sitting in the local bus services. Not on azxi even it 01:00 a.m. lical time. But i have WiFi amahing hello wake up Germany. Lufthansa updadetef me into the business class. At the end the Service guy would gibe one bottle of South African wine. Bit i hat to contunue my fligjts. The next step works quiet well bit i couldn’t book the compöeze Ticket the woman told me. Ok. I met a nice woman from Hohhot but she immegrate to L.A. 45 years reunion of the school pupils. At the baggage counter my suitcase was missed not in the computer. With Lin helps they found it. I got 20 Euro and tomorrow it should arrive at my hotel. Next shock was my bookimg wad missed. I went directly to the manager if dity. The third manager could read latin letters. Yes I’m in Chin was in the Mongolia.

Nevermind i was sleays in a good mood had fzn to heat them talk runnimg amd at least i sit im the bus. Next time more about the chinesr and my point of view.


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