Backhome, disaster and a new chance

Back home with mixed feelings. I miss the new friends in China. Of course to meet the good friends here in old germany.

A disaster waited at home. My editing computer brakes down. It doesn´t start, so I´m blocked to edit my video material of China. It is a real disaster. And i catched a cold. The last two days i slept a lot and started reading, sleeping, reading. I discovered a new chance.

Why i have became older, before i realy understand books which i read years before. So discovered a book called „Writing the natural way“ from Gabriele L. Rico. Now I started to do the exercises and i understood what does she means with clustering. It is mind mapping. The new aspect i discovered it, that i have to write visual words around the central word. Years before i stopped, gave up the exercises.

One excersice was to write a poem. I never did it. I stopped it earlier time. In fact that my computer doesn´t work, i started concequently to do the excercise. Surprise, surpise i wrote a kind of poem. Unbelievable. And i´m quiet satisfied with the result. What shall i say, keep going. I have to continue. That´s my task. Than i will not longer hesitating to write my shortfilms and the new ideas for short films form China. I keep you informed.

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