Beijing & Work

Hi, now I´m back into my work. A lot to say about Germans abroad. This I will do with more patient. Now i have to hurry, tomorrow morning we have to be early stand-by and one more rehearsal. I cannot show about the event, you understand, because it is loyality about the companies.

Yesterday night it was a strong thunder and flashes over Beijing. It was long, i shootee a few videos. It was real amazing, unbelievable. And in the morning we had a clear air over Bejing, this not normal, such a great clear view. Around 5 pm it was such a nice light outside. But we still doing rehearsals. I hoped to go out for photo shooting, as we finally went, it was dark. Here some impressions.

The event is just in the opposite hotel in Beijing Northeast. Impressive Entrance and rest room. Chinese love fishes, so we have a few gold fishes swimming around. Are we the experiments of the Gold Fishes, greatings from the book: The restaurant at the end of the universe 🙂

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