My goodness, what a pixel work! I have wonderful pics from seagulls. I thought ok, i do my first calendar. The idea was quick done 🙂 The rest needs time. Which photos, what is the theme? My daughter Janne helped me a lot. She did a first selection, i agreed and than put a few other in our folder.

The next step was the pic finishing in the freeware rawtherapee. That was a work i realy loved. It is like editing.

What I realy didn´t realized was how much work it is to do the calendar design. My aim was to write in german and english. Putting the letters of the day and the numbers in a good position, what a hell … i had nightmare about the numbers. Unbelievable. Than i spoke with both daughters, they gave me good advices, Ines is Interfacedesign. What she saw at the beginning  … different sizes, not exact positioning and and and … finally i managed it with their helps. Thanks to both of you, it was amazing.

Now, i have to sell it. But where. Day over days, weeks i did a research about different performances, solutions. Finally i decide to work with a good printing company together and do a selfpublishing on demand. The rest doesn´t make sense for me.

For the next time, i have to start much earlier. That is my result of all the experiences.

SEAGULLS – fleeting moments | flüchtige Augenblicke – Möwen 2016
comes soon!!!

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