Stop Trick with Barbies

The new year is very fresh. The last days i continued my experiences with stop trick. My idea is Barbies talking about daily life, politics. For this project i choos the african style Barbies. I think we have learn that the color doesn’t matter.
It was a try and erroe work. At first I wrote the dialog. Than I start with the shooting. After the first session I edited the material. After that I rewrite the dialog, tested the action of the dolls. Than i shoot the next session. And so on.
Today Thula comes and did the translation and helped me to be more consequent with the story. To be sure to follow the story line. It was amazing to work with her. Hope we do the next story soon. See it on vimeo, here

or on youtube here

Happy New Year – Gutes Neues Jahr – Bonne Année – Feliz año nuevo 2018


The year finish in a few hours. This is fascinating – the year finishing, wow. But time is a product of the mankind. I listen Dee Dee Bridgewater – what a voice and songs.
Yesterday I saw a documentation about Sting. I was impressed how active he support Indians in Brasilia, refugees or other important topics for our societies.
This year 2017 I had the chance to shoot him at the Würth Music Festival. I stand close to him, when he did the sound check. He was a very relaxed and full concentrated musician.

Other story you found under:

close to him on stage
camera by Sting concert
Beside the FoH my working place complete in the sun.
Sting Würth Music Festival
Sting at concert

A walk in November

The last day we had a real german November. Grey, rainy and cold. Today we had for just a few minutes the sun. Later comes a strong rain.

I mean downtown Stuttgart is never such a strom like in Hamburg or in North Germany. We have realy never such extrem weather.

Hoppenlau Parc 360 video

Hi, now I have to handle two websites. It takes me crazy. Even one is to much.
Never mind, here you find the latest 360 video.

My research is, to find my film language for a „normal“ daily location. 360 Videos you see in amazing landscapes or special locations. But how i will show more daily surrounding, to evoke a new point of view.
Coming from documentary it is not so easy to find the right balance between location and effects. I prefere minimal effects. Now I find a way for 360 Video.
Enjoy it!

Launch of

Now I managed it. Why the f… is the free version much eassier to handle than the pro version. I had not the time to read everything. But it is not user friendly, if you change everything how you can do it in the free version. Why? Hi dear programmers did you ever heard from usability?


Yesterday i opened special for 360° production my new website. It is called Now i have to informe me how i installed a new theme.
Always the same trouble, if I do something not daily i have to learn it new.
I keep you informed about my experiences with 360° storytelling.
Have a nice day.

360 degree video flyer

here my development. All starts with the sketch. Even i cannot draw, it looks for the realization well.

360 degree video sketch






The nest step was to realize it. The photo I tested it with myself. I thought before I hire someone, i test it. Finally i decided to take my photo. Why not.

360 degree video

IAA 2017 for PORSCHE

The last five days working with very nice people.  A great team from Porsche, Eventrix, Neumann & Müller and freelancers like me.

Always I enjoy it to work with all the nice and great people together.
Hopefully see you in 2 years again!

Send me pics from your CD Covers

I found these CD covers, done by friends, musicians, lovers. What a pitty that this art dies by the streaming services. You will never mix an own „tape“ or CD and create your own Cover.

CD Covers
CD Covers, CD, Covers, Cover Art

I loved it to get these lovely Covers. And to do it by myself.


I saw that airship with a low noise driving over my house. How you say in english when an airship flyies? In german we say driving.
Since a few weeks I´m on instagram, yes i did it.

airship, trigema, porsche
airship,. trigema, porsche

My biggest surprise was, that Trigema like my photo. Social Media Advertising works.

Now i have to prepare my next job. It is for Porsche Press Conference at the IAA 2017.

In future more about my latest work here.