In memory of my mother

Today it would be her 93th birthday. Nice to remember her. She died in high age of 89 years and had a fulfilled life.

My mother Ulla
My mother Ulla

I know, she didn´t like when i travelled so far travel. On the otherside, i know she loved it too. In her youth she tried to moved to Africa for work to stay there. So dear Mum from whom we have it, that all we kids want to go into the outland? I know you would say it. Oh yes, when she believed something she discusses hard but fair 🙂 I guess other can tell you stories of her political and social life about her. Everyone accepted her and were respectful.


Fever_6493This evening i go out to shoot a short video about the musicians. My massage doctor wouldn`t like it. But what shall i say. My daughter asked when you do the next video? How about cooking in China. Janne loves chinese dishes.

That remember me about our, with young Jinan people. They started to discuss a while. Than Coco translated to me, they discussed the topic which is the best or hippest restaurant in town. It is important in China. We want to create a Webisode, a series for the Web short and good 🙂 what else, or.

Yesterday i learned something else. We sit in the restaurant and didn´t ordered something. Just when i asked if I can order something for all, the owner presented us 4 drinks. Unbelievable. More strange is that young people sitting in the restaurants without ordering a drink or something to eat for example by starbucks. Could you imagine what they will say in Germany. Germany wake up!
Another story about generation or is it because I´m stranger. They opened the bottles, the drink of the owner at least when i opened it. And I waited if they want open it. And if they not died they you can still sitting them there on the chairs waiting how open at first the drink 😉  I love such stories, written by life.

Shall I or shall I not – Shakespear

It is the hottest day since my arrival in Jinan. I liked to go to the Daming Lake. I could take a taxi, but i never used, I love to go along the Black Tiger River to this place. The next point, shall carry my backpack? Or shall I go like a tourist only with my mobil phone? Hard questions. And what … If I leave it and i see the best scene? Can give any answers, very fast, thanks 🙂

Recovery2 & pelvic restraint

You never 20160830_Massage-Doctorknow, what is behind a face, front or facade. That happens yesterday to me. Still have trouble with my right neck and shoulder. I didn´t know is it harmless painfull or more sirious. We went to a massage doctor. It was closed. He will back at the other day. Shit, i thought, my hope for the day is gone.
My friend bring me to a pharmacie and it was amazing. At first the Master of the pharmacie is a well educated woman who knows what is good. She gave me the right 20160830_Pharmaciejapanese medicine. And she called a younger employe. The young woman did a massager unbelievable. It was hard, she goes deeple into my pain, but great. Later as i asked, what i have to charge for her. The master said: Nothing. Do you believe it. I was completely surprise.

You will never get in a german pharmacie.  „Germany, dress warm clothes 🙂 it is title of a Rap Song from a youth Hip Hop dance group of Cape Town.

Today i went to the massage doctor. He gaves me the similar massage like the young woman only much more intensive. I pulled out my spin, worked hard on my spin, back, head and shoulder. He told me I have S curve on my spin. I shouldn´t carry my big backpack. I told him over 25 years shoulder camera on the right side and the monitor mostly over head positions leaves their traces on my body. Still some people think, it is normal to show over 8 hours over head position in monitors by Studio camera work. Only they did it earlier it doesn´t meant it is ok. That´s my opinion.

After his massage I had to lay down. It was so heavy that i need a rest. Now after a few hours it is much better. I guess he repositioned my spin for the first time. Great job he did.

In my backpack i carry a camera body, not the lightest one, a heave wide and tele lens. That is quiet heavy. But tell me how shall i go around when I´m on a shooting. Like the last days. Taking only one lens? Or a trolley? How can I climp and go in the landscape or even in a parc? I must say i do a lot of Gyms and Spin exercices. Perhaps that is the reason nothin happen earlier.
Of course I had the backpack by the massage doctor. He looked not happy about that pack. On the way back I remember that i have this pelvic restraint. Until now i put in the slash if you don´t need it. I have to go so far until i use the pelvic restraint around my hips. It is great! i keeps the weight more on the hip and not on my shoulders. Sometimes shaking my head about myself.

Coffee Bar, Inspiration & Tears

20160829_Coffee-Place-Evening1I couldn´t stay the whole day in the hotel room. No way. Over the hottest time i slept, did some soft gymnastics. The best was a very hot shower and at least I take a pill against pain. After one hour i must leave. It is the warm, fresh evening of Jinan. I go to the last place in that nice coffee bar. There is a very nice, friendly waitress. Of course the waiter is friendly as her. But she greats me so nice. I love it. Every time it is a pleasure to great us. This makes my day!
Unluckily she doesn´t speak english. Or she is to shy to talk. Often young woman are to shy to speak. I would like to ask her about some points of my short film idea.

20160829_Coffee-Place-Evening3The wide angle lens i put out of my backpack. I thought it helps my toubling neck and shoulder. I like to write so the netbook must come with me. She waves when I enter the coffee bar. It is nice if you feel a bit at home. I order my late macciato and sit outside. I breath the warmness and fresh win, start my netbook and write.

It works, I wrote the idea from the beginning to the end. And unbelievable i rewrite it and it works again. I become better. It is the second short film story I wrote in the last time with which i´m satisfied. For the first i got a compliment from a singer.

20160829_Coffee-Place-Evening2This time it happens the very first time to me. I`m writing the end of my idea and suddenly i get wet eyes. Because of the tragically end. Amazing, isn´t it. I`m touched by my own story. That means, i must direct this story. The story has to be shown on screen.

It is a story about the pressure for students in our society with a tragical Love-Story. At the end there is a small positive hope.

At least, even the day starts not so well, it turns into a wonderful, successful evening. No i have to continue, keep going.

Recovery day for what

Oh, I catched a pulled muscle or a pinched nerve. Moving my head on the right side is painful. Perhaps it is only that I´m running around with my big heavy backpack with photo, lenses and so on. So I decided to do a recovery day. But the hell it is not easy for me. Always i think, no i go out, try it, don´t be so lazy. It has not realy to do with some lazyness, it is  mor, that i love it to go out and shoot, write.

the place ot the street musicians
the place ot the street musicians
Searching sript writer
Searching sript writer


Yesterday I start to develope a script for a short movie. It is what i here from the friends, what´s going on in China. Here are big changes. The subject is about a mother and daughter relation.


If there out in the web is any young or older or what else talented script writer, send me an email. I like to direct!


Applaus for the photographer – that´s new for me

After shooting the bus station with the Memorial in background, i crossed the road sit down and here the music coming from the backyard. With the lampions and the light it looks very nice. I went to the music. It was very nice listening. A mix of chinese street music, from time to time with some Rap elements. It sounds great.

Street music form the backyard
Street music coming from the backyard

I did some shootings.  What i give to have also the Sony Alpha 7R or S which shoot such amazing pics in the low light. It is a hard job. Nevermind, i have what i have and did my best. Just beside was a nice coffe bar. And the had a capuccino. It was a great taste after all the time to drink a real good coffee. The Bar called Coffeebreak. I was sitting outside by this warm summer night. Suddenly I see the singer, he makes a break. We looked at each other and start to talk. Of course he can have the photos. As photographer i give my best, so after the break i did more photos. Now more from the middle of the circle like I´m used to it.

Suddenly the singer announce me as his friend, of course in fact of his good english, he told. He thanks me for taking photos, so he pleased the audience to give an applaus. Hey come on, when I get the last applaus for my photographer work. It was surprised and it was an amazing guesture of the musician.

These encounter i love when i´m travelling. This little moments where you share with unknow people. This is peacful and makes people understanding each other.

By the way, this happen to me also in the E-market. I was looking for a cheap Tripod. At least i want to buy a powerbank for my cellphone, cos i shoot too with that device. It is not common that the people understand english. A young woman helped me and i gave her my card. She wrote me how to load, to handle the powerbank or mobil charger as they say here in China. I love this little stories



Black Tiger Roar

They told me, that this spring are very fresh and healthy. And it is a luck if you have this water at home. The most of the Jinan inhabitants haven`t that water at home. This is the reason they come here to catcht this fresh water for cooking, making tea.

In China i use instead of google. It shows me wikipedia article about Black Tiger Spring too. Isn´t it great. I learn to behave in China from day to day more.

fresh water from limestone
fresh water from limestone

Here what wikipedia wrote about the spring. – 72 springs in Jinan, unbelievable.

is a culturally significant artesian karst spring located in the city of Jinan, Shandong Province, China. The spring is ranked as the second most significant among the 72 named springs in Jinan (after the Baotu Spring). The water of spring stems from moderately-deep circulation[1] and emerges from a water-filled limestone cave in a steep cliff. From the mouth of the cave, the water is funneled to flow out of the mouths of three ornamental stone-carved tiger heads into a square-shaped spring pool. From there it runs into the old city moat, next to which the spring is located. According to the tradition, there was a black rock lying in front of the cave in ancient time.[2] The name of the spring is said to be derived from the shape and color of the rock, which resembled a black tiger, and the sound of the water gushing past the rock being reminiscent of the roar of a tiger. The ancient layout of the spring is described in a poem by the Ming Dynasty poet, Yan Bizeng.

You find the article under:

Late i went my way into the city that was my plan. Than i found the little harbour for the tourist boats. I waited long enough that i see how the last boat come in. I guess the Chinese people are wondering what the hell is the foreigner waiting for. You need patience to shoot a good photo 🙂

Coming home
Coming home

Saturday Night Fever

Starting the tour by passing by the Black Tiger Spring. Until now I saw it once at night. It is saturday and a lot of more people are around here. One reason is the water. A free spring where you get good fresh water. Second this parc is free entry. Other parc you have to pay fot entrance.

The building of which i every day see from my bed is a memorial. It was build in the founding year of the New China, because a lot of people died here. Why, i didn`t get it. Still finding out. I keep you informed

Night view of the Memorial.
Night view of the Memorial.

In the opposite of the Memorial are one of the 7 springs around this place. Here you see the Black Tiger. What is the story of the Black Tiger I have to find out, too.

The Black Tiger
The Black Tiger

On the left side is a white Tiger. More impressive is of course the black one. A common place to shoot pics from each other, kids, youth, young lovers.

Now my guest arrives, i stop here and the saturday night fever will be continued

Sunday change

A little change of the food
A little change of the food

Did I ever tell you how delicious this kind of breakfast is 🙂

Today, sunday the cook did a little change of his food. I love this style of food. The Zuccinees is prepared with garlic. It taste great. The own point i do not understand, is that the soap is only water and vegetables, no salt or pepper or any other. It tastes only after water and the food, not very tasty. Perhaps it keeps your taste neutral that you like the other food even more. How knows.

I´m the single foreigners here in this hotel and the people don´t speak english so that i cannot ask the cook or personal about the receipts. It is a nice morning ceremony, at 7:00 a.m. the breakfast opens and i go there to eat. After that i prepare my green tea, sit down on my netbook and prepare the photos and the text. A very nice ritual. I love it.

English Corner

The name of the central place comes from foreigners. It happen to me too.

Dragon Art
Dragon Art

A young girl comes to me and start a conversation. She was very young and shy. I asked her, why she comes to me, as usual I´m very curious. She told me her mother she showed to her, told her: „Talk with the foreigner, train conversation.“ She did as her Mum told her. It was not so easy for her. But the own chance to speak and train her english.

Shit, I forgot to make a selfie with her, old school, I´m, isn´t it?

Later a young man comes and asked if he can do a photo with me. Of course, so I will be in wechat, the chinese facebook.

landing dragon
landing dragon

When you here in China, you get experienced how google and facebook dominate our world. Because all google and fb account and related services are blocked. Even the map services don`t work. Here I realize how powerful these two dominate our lifes. Even they practical, or because they are so practical we became lazy.

Luckly i download an offline map of Jinan, with the GPS i didn`t go lost 🙂

My guest comes, I stop now.

Night at English Corner
Night at English Corner