Year 2016

Times runs os fast my last comments was over 2 months ago.

What´s new. Between Christmas and the New Year i start to create a comic book. Everytime i start with something new, it needs more time than i thought. It is normal. The first was my calendar. I never thought it needs so long time to create a good design. The photos are great, i shoot seagulls in Hamburg. I did the premiere color correction and decided which display window is the best. That´s all. Than it needs time to prepare the printing.

Finally i ordered a few calenders. They were great. Even i lost the 17. January 2016. The often change of the design makes it happen 🙂

What i learned was i have to start earlier, if want to sell the calendar via Internet. I have to start now, that i will finished in August! Let´s do it!


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