Kroko Abenteuer

Kroko sucht das Covid-19 Virus

Während der Quarantäne entstanden die Abenteuer, die das Krokodil mit Christoph erlebt.
Das Kroko ist schon ziemlich alt. Es ist das Premieren-Geschenk als Regiea-Assistent an der WLB dem Kinder- und Jugendtheater Esslingen. Viel Spaß beim Ansehen.

Hier das letzte Abenteuer. Kroko heult den Vollmond an und entdeckt den Hasen im Vollmond. Mein youtube channel mit den gesamten Abenteuern.

Video shoot by Habiba Hand Weaving

The weavers

It was one of the special moments, yesterday. In the beginning of my travel, Anait brought me to this Scarf, Clothing Shop. In one room the are 4 weaving loom. They have such lovely products, spontaneously i asked, if I can come to do a short video.

Yesterday I was there. From the very first impression is, all the Owner and the weaver are a good team. As experienced film maker and documentary filmer, i feel it at once, if the conditions are bad. The owner tells me, i can ask them without him, everything.

Habiba Hand Weaving
The owner Abdo is showing one design

Finally i worked there for over 3 hours. I learned how they take care on the quality of the product in every step of process. They use the best quality of egypt cotton. They have an artist who designed new matterns.
The waever works beside the shop, you can everytime look around and talk with the friendly women. I asked them, if they like there work and every of them said from the heart yes. You can feel it, if they say it because the owner is around. No, they realy love their work. You can see it, if you taker your time to look, how thea are working.

Design of egypt cotton
scarfs and there designs

So, if you are in Luxor, you find the Habiba Hand Weaving on the West Bank on the way to the Medinat Habe, Valley of the Kings, the Tombs. you find them on the googel maps.
Feel free and have a look, you get lost by their rich offers. Enjoy it and support them. You will have a wonderfull scarf or whatever you choose. Have a nice day.

Luxor Trip ends soons

Me in front of Temple

2 weeks i visit my brother in Luxor. He is Stone Mason and works for the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. I got phantastic inside views about the ancient Temples, Pharaos, Goddesses. With his wife, they invited me to the Pyramides and Sphinx by Cairo. All is still an amazing trip.
The Internet in the hotel is so slow, that i try the first time to write on my website. Back at home, i write more about my trip in Egypt.

Time to change

Technic runs, so i have to keep updated. In moment I learn to build folders in the Media of WP. Because i will implement Panoramic photography. That needs a new folder structure. With WP plugins i hope to manage it. Than i renew my website. I use it to concentrate here on my business and perhaps on two other working field. Let’s see where the travel and changes ends up. I keep in touch! Have a nice day.

Work at IAA2019 Frankfurt

The first Arrival. Everey 2 years I’m working for Porsche at the IAA – International Automotive Exhibition in Frankfurt. With great people and angency. It is an amazing crew. thanks to all.

360video goes Unity3D


better is, not 360 video goes, i learn to work unity3d. It is the first time i realy do a video tutorial of a software. It is a great experience. you are only allowed to do the steps which they offer. It is new, absolutly new for me.
I started over one year ago. Than i thougth to buy a software, cos I wanted to concentrate myself on the content. That’s what I’m interested in. But it was not that what i suggested. After one year now, i decided, I have to learn Unity3D. It should be not so complicated. Let’s see.

That is the reason, I’m not so far as I wanted. That’s normal I think, if you start something new. Let’s see where it goes.

New Photo Series

What else. Yesterday I started a photo series on Instagram. All of us, we are useing to much plastic. I think, there are so many horrible pictures of plastic pollution out in the web. How it will be, if I show the plastic with faded flowers – all in Black & White.
I bring two passion together, controlled lighting in the studio, outside shooting, every friend can participate and years ago, I shooted blossom out flower with a hard lighting, often only silhouettes. Now, I do a photography journey, let’s were it ends.

360°cam vs. human eyes

It never stops learning, still after over 30 years in the film business. I went out to shoot a sculpture for my 360artinpublicspaces. I found some strange podgy thing on the back of the a sculpture. Suddenly a rescue helicopter lands on the roof the hospital beside the parc. I thought yes, on the right time at the right place. It looks amazing. I positioned the 360camera beside a sculptures head. I was happy like a young boy.
At home on the screen the big disappointment comes. It was like a fly shit on the horizont. you see nothing. Of course at home i realize, the 360cam has a super wide lens. Learning never stops. Have a nice day.

The Green U as 360video

Walk from City downtown to uptown through the parcs. German explanation you find on my other website
In three 360video I show the way. If you stay as Tourist in Stuttgart, it a must to see and to enjoy the Walk. Unbelievable 8 kilometers you can go throught parcs up the hill. Better do it like I did. Go by bus up to Killesberg and walk downhill to the center. You can discover wonderful places. On my youtube channel or on my vimeo channel you can see 360videos. Enjoy it!