Long time ago

F…. over two months, now we have middle of october. Live happens not in the Internet 🙂
Two weeks ago, i joined the film crew of „Herr Berger sucht einen Sohn“. Now the 360video is ready. Sorry, I know it is late.
I enjoyed it so much. Immediately we had a great location, a bar in the Maritim Hotel. The Star guest was Manoush Vazquez, she was so great. In the dialogue with Thomas as Herr Berger, I must realy bit on my lips, otherwise i would laugh loud. It would be not so nice. The next movie is the editing progress. Have a little more patient.

Frl. Wommy Wonder Backstage

wommy wonder

At our last shooting we met the fabulous Frl. Wommy Wonder. For english people Fräulein is Miss. It was a great shoot and we had a lot of fun with Wommy Wonder alias Michael Panzer. On vimeo channel you can see a short 360video. How we posed with her, the unbelievable Fräulein Wommy Wonder.

360video from our movie shoot

Time is running, unbelievable. Another 360°Video of the shoot: Herr Berger sucht einen Sohn – Mr. Berger is looking for a son.
If it look of the 360video is horrible, you have to set by settings on 4K, than it is loading slower, but the quality is great.
Again a great day. New is the Mr. Berger Female Fan Club (FFC). It was very funny. Mr. Berger sits alone, nearly alone and watchs his movie. Only the FFC, is watching his movie. And outside, see the second part.

360video is so great by rehearsals, because the viewer, visitor can look around and see the entire scene.

360° Video from the movie ‚Herr Berger sucht einen Sohn‘

From the 2nd and 3nd shooting day for the movie ‚Mr. Berger is searching a son‘ the next Rehearsal 360° Video. A rehearsal is realy a good situation for 360video. Look around, or turn yoursefl with a tablet or smartphone to see the whole action. Enjoy it.

360video Trailer

Don’t worry about the quality, if it is bad, you have bad Internet connecton. So wait a while until everything is loaded. Vimeo is not realy build for big data. Nevermind.

Another shooting day

Last weekend we we continous with the movie: „Herr Berger sucht einen Sohn – Mr. Berger is searching a son“. Two days of hard working and fun. The cattering organised from Thomas is great. On sunday he cooked beside playing his role a lunch. Unbelievable and thank. Now, I get a better feeling for the whole story. For a No Budget Movie all gives their best. Imagine what we can create with a Budget we will rock the scenes. I’m satisfied how we work. In morning i’m a little slow.
Here a few photos

Go on the official website on facebook:
official facebook site
New is the way of improvisation at the set. That means, we create the scene directly on the set. That needs a bit more time. But the result is great. Here some photos from the last shoot.

Staging with actor

Last saturday it comes true. We had the first shooting. Here the offical fb site: Herr Berger sucht einen Sohn . On the pic you see me talking with young talented actor Tobias Ludloff. We had a short scene. That was good planed, because the first day when the team meets each others, you need always longer. We are a highly motived team, experienced actors, a young crew. Important we had fun by shooting. Work hard and enjoy what are you doing. That’s really important.