Vincent Rocks – that is why i do films

The band plays since 20 years by this location. It is outside of Stuttgart on the top of a hill. It is a very nice place. Where you have a great view.

In memory of Paul Vincent, who died suddenly to early. The Musicians showed the Video which i edited.

Video presentation
In Memory of Paul Vincent.
Left is Uli Eisner Sound Designer and Günther Gebauer Bassist








Under the week is the audience small. They were absolutely impressed by the Music and the Video.

My impression was, that`s why i do films. it was a great Show.

Paul Vincent
Paul Vincent at his nearly last concert.

Ton sucht Bild – sound looks for pictures

Recht spät erfuhr ich von dem Festival und mit Lydia und Matthias arbeiteten wir die Geschichte aus. Dummerweise hatte ich genau zu dem Zeitpunkt auch noch einen Bandscheibenvorfall und war stärker eingeschränkt Egal, wir haben teilgenommen und hatten viel Freude beim Dreh.

Der zweite Film entstand ganz spontan. Der kommt ein wenig später hinzu.

It was a competition from the Deutschlandradio Kultur. They have the sujet: Wurfsendungen. 1 Minutes sound stories, from different artists.

They did the short film competition called sound looks for pictures. You has to use the sound collage without changing anything. For this sound you could do your short film.

This is the first one of two short films we send to the jury. We didn´t win. Anyway we had a lot of fun. And we did something.

The young women get crazy

I come from a short break the stairs down. Two young women asked me: Is he here? Astonished I looked on them – who? The couldn´t understand, I don´t know who. It was the german singer Andreas Bourani. The ARD makes his song „Auf uns“  2014 to the WM very popular.

last work

Later i saw the girls in the first row, they were totaly crazy. Unbelievable for me.

the oldest Jury Member not only by age :-)

Jury member 2017
Jury Member of Goldene Gans

Jury Member Goldene Gans Film Festival






Realy I do not know how long i do this work. Once a friend asked me, if I want do the work instead of him. I gues over 5 years i do the Jury member work. It is a pitty that the Church does not do more maketing for the little film festival. It is special for school pupils, youth and young people.
This year we had great short films there. Of course i don´t tell who win. For that you have to come to the show.

Have a nice day!

Testing graduated neutral density filter – Rollei GND Filter

Yesterday I was on a photo shoot. Longer time ago, i bought a graduated neutral density filter. The location i choose is one of the federal road passing through the City. One of the old „mistakes“ of the architectural planning afte

Rollei Filter Test
testing Rollei Filter

By this photo i tested the graduation only for the sky. That is the normal use to bring the contrast between the dark light and the high light closer together. So that you see still the clouds in the sky.






GND filter test
graduated neutral density filter

In the next photo i tried to see what happen, when i put the darker side of the graduated density deeper in the motive. As you can see, the light looks unnatural. It looks, if i use a flash for the street in the forground. The middle- and background are darker than the forground a typical flat flash lighting. But not for that theme. For that you had to build up a line of more realy strong flashes.

An interesting result. You have to look twice to notice the unnatural lighting. Sometimes when thunder is coming up, you see a similar lighting. Only the clouds in the sky shows it doesn´t work for a thunder.

Ups, is there any deeper meaning?

if you don´t check it everytime, it happens that your web design does there own thing. To bring Josep Carrera and the Animated Film Festival so close together, what shall i think about this? Does it means something?

ITFS 2017 – Festival of Animated Film – Internationales Trickfilm Festival

The crazy time passed by.

From last Tuesday on I worked for SCHAWA MEDIA at the International Trickfilm Festival / Festival of Animated Film.
My job was to create the daily video clip. To show what happened at the day. The Trailer was shown the next day as a kind of summary.
I was switching between my camera-team and the editor. It was real long days. With my editor we worked from 12pm to 4 or 5am. Puh.

You can look the clips from Tuesday, Wednsday …

ITFS youtube channel

Spring comes – Frühlingserwachen

After the artic weather from the last weeks, today just before the 1. May a little feeling of spring and sun. The place close to my home was very crowded. The tourist bus i saw the first time around Eastern. Hm, is the street such important or do the driver have a deal with the brewery in my street? What do you think?

Marienplatz, close to my place. A great arrangement
Tourist bus in my street
London Tourist Bus in my street, it is new. First time I saw it at Eastern. Is it because of the brewery in the street?

I did it – Music Clip Imagine Dragons

Premiere Timeline
The final timeline of the Adobe Premiere Competition with the material from IMAGINE DRAGONS

Friday night I uploaded my final music clip editing. It is the 25 years Adobe Premiere Competition. You downloaded the video material of the shooting from IMAGINE DRAGONS and do your own cut.
My idea and aim was to show a new interpretation of the song text and the video material. I did use After Effect or other possibilities. I concentrated on the edit and the mood of the pics. I’m satisfied with my result.

Now Adobe has to watch every single clip. Than they will judge the 25  finalist. Let’s see was happen. It was a great experience to work with such good material. And find my way of the visual song interpretation.

I keep you informed what happens.