A photograpver, the moon and the people

It is unbelievable, or honestly, i did thought that it has this impact. When I’m on shooting, with the large lens Sigma 150-600m than I’m an eyecatcher. Often it is in the afternoon. The sun is shining. Where is this guy pointing his lens?

The people looking into the sky, some shaking his head, other give me a smile, for the the nice moment of a beautiful moon. Other start talking with me. I missed a few nice shots meanwhile we had an intersting talk. I prefer the communication with people. I met guy from Egypt, France or Germany. In the time of pandemy it is something very value, if you met people and start to talk to eachothers. It is a great beside effect of shooting in the city.

One of the photos i send to my daughter. Her little girl, Malou asked me on the other day: Why is the moon so dirty? In the first moment, i didn’t know what does she means. Than I remember of course, the shadow in the valley looks like dirty flecks. In one pic, the moon was hidden from clouds. That looks dirty too. What a great power of observation from a nearly 4 year old girl.

I wish you a nice time until next time.