Video shoot by Habiba Hand Weaving

The weavers

It was one of the special moments, yesterday. In the beginning of my travel, Anait brought me to this Scarf, Clothing Shop. In one room the are 4 weaving loom. They have such lovely products, spontaneously i asked, if I can come to do a short video.

Yesterday I was there. From the very first impression is, all the Owner and the weaver are a good team. As experienced film maker and documentary filmer, i feel it at once, if the conditions are bad. The owner tells me, i can ask them without him, everything.

Habiba Hand Weaving
The owner Abdo is showing one design

Finally i worked there for over 3 hours. I learned how they take care on the quality of the product in every step of process. They use the best quality of egypt cotton. They have an artist who designed new matterns.
The waever works beside the shop, you can everytime look around and talk with the friendly women. I asked them, if they like there work and every of them said from the heart yes. You can feel it, if they say it because the owner is around. No, they realy love their work. You can see it, if you taker your time to look, how thea are working.

Design of egypt cotton
scarfs and there designs

So, if you are in Luxor, you find the Habiba Hand Weaving on the West Bank on the way to the Medinat Habe, Valley of the Kings, the Tombs. you find them on the googel maps.
Feel free and have a look, you get lost by their rich offers. Enjoy it and support them. You will have a wonderfull scarf or whatever you choose. Have a nice day.