Happy Christmas and Breathing


The photo shows my new Set for my Video Tutorials. What i notice by myself, we have to slow down, breathing and realize the environment. In my new photo video tutorials i show how important it is to slow down. Breathing helps and makes as more aware. We are much more open and the quality of our photos becomes better.

Sometimes it happens, that you enjoy with out coming back with one photo. Of course as professional, if you have a contract you have to handle it different. Anyway it helps you too, to slwo down and be aware of your surroundings, your photos becomes better.

The photo shows the new set. I start now. Of Croco from thte Kroko-Show is there too. I couldn’t remove him. And i is on a very special place.

Enjoy the peaceful time over Christmas and enjoy to be with your beloved, your familly and friends. Stay safe and take of the Covid-19

Lovely wishes.