Art Workshop in Arad Romania


Sorry, that i write so less, but the workshop with young art pupils is full of work. Specially i have to save photos, write and prepare the next days. German Version here

We, Nita Mocanu, a visual artist and art teacher, Lili Weis, performance artist and me, Christoph Helmholz, filmmaker and artist gave the workshop together. It is a funded project. It is the first time that we met each other and work together.

The youth are talented young artists. They came from the departments of architecture, desgin, theatre and art. The subject ist SELFie. What kind of familiar backgrounds do we find in our Selfies? Are there any traces of our cultural background or not? And how we can get a more art selfie. Does it work?

The firste step was to find as team together. They did a first selfie. We analysed it. Today we ware invited into the library. One woman told about the diverse influences here in Arad. Here lives Romanian, Hungarian, Austrian, Germans. Still one student talks Romanian and Hungarian. Which of their traces is seen in the Selfies? Which the want to show or didn’t?

The following work is the work how we get more art Selfies? This we start tomorrow. You can see pics on Instagram arad4europe and on my Instagram account Christoph Helmholz.

I wish you a great day and you will read more about the workshop soon.