A spontaneous dinner

I was in the my favorite coffe bar as Coco cames. She didn´t told me that she wants to come. It was a special surprise for my last evening. So we go to a nice Restaurant. Rich comes a bit later, after work. The first surprise were dead head animal head at the wall. In South Germany, special in Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg on the countryside you will find traditional restaurant where you see real skull bones at the wall.
For me it is realy ugly. Now I see it an the wall of this restaurant. Coco told me it is very hip for younger people. The craziest point is, that I read in the afternoon on the online Spiegel, that it becomes modern again for young people to put such things at the wall. And in the evening I see these tradtion in China.

The fish with a lot of pepper or and chilli tasted amazing. Funny is, that they chinese new friend always ask me, do you realy want it with the sticks? Realy? I say, yes realy, I can it with sticks. When they see me eating, they get the second shock. Because i use the sticks with my left hand. This looks for them so strange that they asked me more times. I`m left handed person, i eat always Left handed. So what?

After the dinner I went for my last Latte Macciatto in the coffe bar. Wei, the nice waitress was still there. This time I sit inside and nobody was there, who could translater for her. So we start our first conversation. It was great, we had to use simple sentences, but we managed it.

I guess you feel that my text are different. It is, because I´m now in Beijing. There i met the crew and I drink a beer with them. So I´not any more in Jinan, I´m back in my business world. It is nice but different. Later more about: How to find a Taxi, when the Taxi driver refuse to drive me. I do not know where I´m and where the hotel. About my experiences with Beijing Taxis more next time.

Let´s see, when i have the time to conitnue my blog.

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