Comic about racism & love – could it work?

cover sheet
Comic cover sheet
Europeans refugee movement
European refugees in the close future

My idea is to REVERSE the refugee problematic. Not the arabians or north africans are refugees. In the close future the Europeans escape to the African Continent. They destroyed the Europe with fracking, pollution. Another problem is that the goverments destroyed the democracy. The Africans learned over the centuries to survive with less or nothing. And in my future they through out all the industry and companies. The situation becomes than in Europe. The Europeans are blocked by their refugee movement by their own walls or electric fences. Which they build up in the beginnning of the 21. century against the refugee movement nowadays.

My idas has nothing to do with the horrible and catastrophic situation of the refugees nowadays. My thoughts are, to show the complete wrong discussions about Asyl or refugees in Germany in the future and to reverse the problematic.

I found a great author, he is professor of history and plitical philosopher. He teaches in Jo`bourg, South Africa. He wrote it in french, i bought the german version, don´t worry. He is writing about racism, capitalism and the term nigger. How does race and nigger belongs together for the europeans and USA. Does it change or does it exist in another way.

The idea change a little, now i will write more about racism and love. But not a usual love story as it is often written in the fairy tell or myths. To write about politics can be boring, that why I decide to use the Bondage as a contrast to the racism subject. All is playing in the future.

My first work was to sell used barbies, white and coloured dolls. Than i discovered new clothes, that the barbies don`t look so childys. I found some great clothes and styles on ebay. The next step was to photograph them. I discovered an interesting way with flashes.

The next step was to create an own style, somthing between Comic and Manga.  The barbies have some relations to the Manga style 🙂

Because i had non experiences with such dolls, i had big trouble that they stay like i want them to stay. My daughters laughed and told me why don´t you asked us 🙂 Yeah why i didn´t do it? Another problem is, that the barbies has another context. My daughters don´t like the look so much. Let´s see where the story goes.

If you are interesting, contact me. Can you write or will work with me, you are welcome!

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