Recovery2 & pelvic restraint

You never 20160830_Massage-Doctorknow, what is behind a face, front or facade. That happens yesterday to me. Still have trouble with my right neck and shoulder. I didn´t know is it harmless painfull or more sirious. We went to a massage doctor. It was closed. He will back at the other day. Shit, i thought, my hope for the day is gone.
My friend bring me to a pharmacie and it was amazing. At first the Master of the pharmacie is a well educated woman who knows what is good. She gave me the right 20160830_Pharmaciejapanese medicine. And she called a younger employe. The young woman did a massager unbelievable. It was hard, she goes deeple into my pain, but great. Later as i asked, what i have to charge for her. The master said: Nothing. Do you believe it. I was completely surprise.

You will never get in a german pharmacie.  „Germany, dress warm clothes 🙂 it is title of a Rap Song from a youth Hip Hop dance group of Cape Town.

Today i went to the massage doctor. He gaves me the similar massage like the young woman only much more intensive. I pulled out my spin, worked hard on my spin, back, head and shoulder. He told me I have S curve on my spin. I shouldn´t carry my big backpack. I told him over 25 years shoulder camera on the right side and the monitor mostly over head positions leaves their traces on my body. Still some people think, it is normal to show over 8 hours over head position in monitors by Studio camera work. Only they did it earlier it doesn´t meant it is ok. That´s my opinion.

After his massage I had to lay down. It was so heavy that i need a rest. Now after a few hours it is much better. I guess he repositioned my spin for the first time. Great job he did.

In my backpack i carry a camera body, not the lightest one, a heave wide and tele lens. That is quiet heavy. But tell me how shall i go around when I´m on a shooting. Like the last days. Taking only one lens? Or a trolley? How can I climp and go in the landscape or even in a parc? I must say i do a lot of Gyms and Spin exercices. Perhaps that is the reason nothin happen earlier.
Of course I had the backpack by the massage doctor. He looked not happy about that pack. On the way back I remember that i have this pelvic restraint. Until now i put in the slash if you don´t need it. I have to go so far until i use the pelvic restraint around my hips. It is great! i keeps the weight more on the hip and not on my shoulders. Sometimes shaking my head about myself.

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