Sunday change

A little change of the food
A little change of the food

Did I ever tell you how delicious this kind of breakfast is 🙂

Today, sunday the cook did a little change of his food. I love this style of food. The Zuccinees is prepared with garlic. It taste great. The own point i do not understand, is that the soap is only water and vegetables, no salt or pepper or any other. It tastes only after water and the food, not very tasty. Perhaps it keeps your taste neutral that you like the other food even more. How knows.

I´m the single foreigners here in this hotel and the people don´t speak english so that i cannot ask the cook or personal about the receipts. It is a nice morning ceremony, at 7:00 a.m. the breakfast opens and i go there to eat. After that i prepare my green tea, sit down on my netbook and prepare the photos and the text. A very nice ritual. I love it.

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