Testing graduated neutral density filter – Rollei GND Filter

Yesterday I was on a photo shoot. Longer time ago, i bought a graduated neutral density filter. The location i choose is one of the federal road passing through the City. One of the old „mistakes“ of the architectural planning afte

Rollei Filter Test
testing Rollei Filter

By this photo i tested the graduation only for the sky. That is the normal use to bring the contrast between the dark light and the high light closer together. So that you see still the clouds in the sky.






GND filter test
graduated neutral density filter

In the next photo i tried to see what happen, when i put the darker side of the graduated density deeper in the motive. As you can see, the light looks unnatural. It looks, if i use a flash for the street in the forground. The middle- and background are darker than the forground a typical flat flash lighting. But not for that theme. For that you had to build up a line of more realy strong flashes.

An interesting result. You have to look twice to notice the unnatural lighting. Sometimes when thunder is coming up, you see a similar lighting. Only the clouds in the sky shows it doesn´t work for a thunder.