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The cook where we take breakfast or dinner. Sometimes we took the dinner at home, sitting on the balcony enjoyed the food and the view. The warm night wind or the mosquitos 🙁 a spray against mosquitos helped a lot.

I asked Roy the cook, if he knows some musician for another idea. The first meeting doesn´t work. The aritist don´t come. I asked Roy: Can i shoot you preparing your food. When do you start cooking? Roy answered: 6 am. Not my time, but i said: Ok, in over tomorrow i come. He doesn´t believe, i guess. When i came on wednesday at 6 am, he looked with big eyes. We enjoyed our time working together.

The film is finishe in the first editing, now sound, colorcorrectiong and final editing. Than you will see a great breakfast preapring!

Belva and Roy at the Interview

Woodfire Montego Bay
the second shooting day

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