100 years DADA

100 years ago, today at the 5. February 1916 the Cabaret Voltaire opensin Zurich. It was the born of DADA. Artists meets at the Cabaret Voltaire to show their lates work. All of them were against the 1. World War in Europe. They didn´t know if anyone comes. They did for themselves and not for a casting show. More details about Dada or Dadaisme,  you will find under 100 years DADA

No it is time to stand up and do something against war, anti-democraty, racism. For our rights and that we are all humans.

Let´s do it!

Overnight Editing

Ok, it is not the latest work, nevermind a nice work. It was an overnight editing. Cameraman was Peter from Tencam. It was a job for Neumann & Müller ICS, the agency OVATION for the company PTC.


Overnight Editing

His pics were great, he collected unusual pics and the standard like outside, people talking and so on. I worked with the Creative  Director Amanda together. It is great if you realize you have the same thinking about edits, pics and the best is when you work as a team. I started with the edit than Amanda joined me and we finished the short clip. She and her boss are very suprised that the client has only one single change. Normaly there a much more changes and every of the company people have to say something.

Yeah, i did a good job and I´m good 😉

here the link on the PTC LiveWorx Europe website.

overnight editing