Work at IAA2019 Frankfurt

The first Arrival. Everey 2 years I’m working for Porsche at the IAA – International Automotive Exhibition in Frankfurt. With great people and angency. It is an amazing crew. thanks to all.

360video goes Unity3D


better is, not 360 video goes, i learn to work unity3d. It is the first time i realy do a video tutorial of a software. It is a great experience. you are only allowed to do the steps which they offer. It is new, absolutly new for me.
I started over one year ago. Than i thougth to buy a software, cos I wanted to concentrate myself on the content. That’s what I’m interested in. But it was not that what i suggested. After one year now, i decided, I have to learn Unity3D. It should be not so complicated. Let’s see.

That is the reason, I’m not so far as I wanted. That’s normal I think, if you start something new. Let’s see where it goes.

New Photo Series

What else. Yesterday I started a photo series on Instagram. All of us, we are useing to much plastic. I think, there are so many horrible pictures of plastic pollution out in the web. How it will be, if I show the plastic with faded flowers – all in Black & White.
I bring two passion together, controlled lighting in the studio, outside shooting, every friend can participate and years ago, I shooted blossom out flower with a hard lighting, often only silhouettes. Now, I do a photography journey, let’s were it ends.