work & progress, like this I can write my resume about producint my Hyperlapse from China. I did a few walks around to do some experiments with Hyperlapse.
For whom who don`t know what a Hyperlapse is, Timelapse is fast video done with photos. If you now move the camera you have Hyperlapse.

My idea is, to do not only a Hyperlapse. My location are not so great for a Hyperlapse, so i will mix it with other editing technics. I do some experiments. What i didn´t thought is, that it needs so much time to prepare the timelapse clips. I finished now nearly 15 clips. Ok, not all are fine. And still have to do more.

Keep curious where my experiment ends.
Hear from me, soon.

I miss my chinese friends, breakfast …

Not Munich, I arrived in Frankfurt. The story is short, the ways were long and in a hurry. The flight was delayed in Xi`an. One and a half hour later. So we didn´t get our Lufthansa flight. My job at the 13. was cancelled, so I thought no matter. But for the other was it different. So they managed that we get the other flight to Frankfurt. We know that flight,  because collegues were flying to Frankfurt. We met them in the plane.


More about my impressions, what I learned and about my trip, my ideas for the future I will write on sunday. Tomorrow at 16.09.14. I have job, the 16.09.16 I help a friend shooting a music band. Finally I have time on sunday.

The chance to see the National Ballett in Xi`an, a rehearsal at the Big Wall in Xi`an and a lot of other thoughts.
Hope to see you again here. I will continue my blog. And yes, moving pictures – videos should be implemented too.

How i can do the website that the chinese friends can see the pics and videos too.

Daily breakfast

Coco & Rich
Coco & Rich




Daily breakfast

A spontaneous dinner

I was in the my favorite coffe bar as Coco cames. She didn´t told me that she wants to come. It was a special surprise for my last evening. So we go to a nice Restaurant. Rich comes a bit later, after work. The first surprise were dead head animal head at the wall. In South Germany, special in Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg on the countryside you will find traditional restaurant where you see real skull bones at the wall.
For me it is realy ugly. Now I see it an the wall of this restaurant. Coco told me it is very hip for younger people. The craziest point is, that I read in the afternoon on the online Spiegel, that it becomes modern again for young people to put such things at the wall. And in the evening I see these tradtion in China.

The fish with a lot of pepper or and chilli tasted amazing. Funny is, that they chinese new friend always ask me, do you realy want it with the sticks? Realy? I say, yes realy, I can it with sticks. When they see me eating, they get the second shock. Because i use the sticks with my left hand. This looks for them so strange that they asked me more times. I`m left handed person, i eat always Left handed. So what?

After the dinner I went for my last Latte Macciatto in the coffe bar. Wei, the nice waitress was still there. This time I sit inside and nobody was there, who could translater for her. So we start our first conversation. It was great, we had to use simple sentences, but we managed it.

I guess you feel that my text are different. It is, because I´m now in Beijing. There i met the crew and I drink a beer with them. So I´not any more in Jinan, I´m back in my business world. It is nice but different. Later more about: How to find a Taxi, when the Taxi driver refuse to drive me. I do not know where I´m and where the hotel. About my experiences with Beijing Taxis more next time.

Let´s see, when i have the time to conitnue my blog.

Dinner with the Musicians

Yesterday night, they invited me for a dinner, typical chinese dinner. Wath shall I say, it was tasty, we had fun even they cannot speak very good english, me not chinese. We managed and had a wonderful evening. I would like to work more with them, they too. So lets figure out how.

If you don`t expect something, surprise can happen

Yesterday on sunday it was the first cloudy day. It looks not good for some shooting. I thought nevermind, i have to go out, the end of my stay comes. So don`t be lazy.

Cloudy Sunday
Cloudy Sunday

I went out and continued my Hyperlapse (shooting photos by walking, so you get a fast motion video). I went to the little food and shopping street. It is build like the former day. No cars only pedestrians. On sunday it was crowed unbelievable. I`m not only white and here only a few foreigners, but my behavior, going a few steps taking a photo, the next few steps, the next photo must looks real strange. The foreigners are crazy.

food street
food street

My idea was to go until the end of this food street. When i came to the end of the street I saw a monestry. I went directly to the fence and shoot the last picture of the serial. An guard inside gestured that i have to move more right. There was the open gate. He cannot speak english and me not chinese. He let me in for no fee, but I had to hurry, it will close in half an hour. So I countinued my Hyperlase from the bussy foodstreet along the way in the silent monestry. It was a monstry, a monestry school for Confucius. In one building sitting kids writing something.

Confucius School
Confucius School
The Temple
The Temple








Chen_8211About this young artist you will see a short interview, when I´m back in Germany, so be patient.


You don´t like dogs and cats, than i buy a set of crickets. Perhaps you can train them to sing in a Chorus 🙂

Rush Hour

Here the rush hour in the morning in front of my Teachers Home Hotel. They train young people for the hotel business. Sometimes 4 young trainees are standing at the entrance. Training is everything.

Time is running


Real Keyboard Player
Real Keyboard Player

Two days ago, I shooted the BAND at the same place. It was a warm real summer day. In the beginning Lian has to repair his keypboard. A good keyboard player can do this directly there. It works and the show starts. In the beginning it was no many people there. Later comes more and they had a real good show. There show is always with some talks, jokes with the audiences. This time two young woman are charming or otherside around. I mean I didn´t understand one word. I couldn´t read the gesture 🙂  At the end it looks like they never want stop playing real musicians.



Dognbone VariationAfter our the first meeting i got this pic via Wechat. So what was her first thought, i think by myself. In the night he tells, he is film maker and than she looks in the internet and find something real weired. It can happen if you always takes the mainstream dot com 😉


Back the evening before. Finaly Coco finds my dot.tv website. Unluckily she couldn´t watch any of my videos. Because you have all other China internet access, but it is mostly not fast enough. A task to solve, when I´m back home in Germany. I will find a way for my chinese friends.


Coco & Rich
Coco & Rich

Coco and Rich joined us later at the street music. The wanted to see what i did before. They liked what they see. Even i`m not satisfied with all. Some Tech specs, i shoot Full HD video with 6400 ASA, mostly f2.8. Keep it sharp is my trouble.
The Coco is a real blooger girl. Immediately she put her thumb up. I was to late to shoot it. I had to please her to do it again, than i got her thumb and her lovely laught. You will never think what kind of sport she is doing, or perhap yeah?

Later i showed them a few videos I did. From SIEMENS over art and first cell phone festival films. A wide range of films i realized showing them my work. I found two fans of my work. Tha´s nice too.

In memory of my mother

Today it would be her 93th birthday. Nice to remember her. She died in high age of 89 years and had a fulfilled life.

My mother Ulla
My mother Ulla

I know, she didn´t like when i travelled so far travel. On the otherside, i know she loved it too. In her youth she tried to moved to Africa for work to stay there. So dear Mum from whom we have it, that all we kids want to go into the outland? I know you would say it. Oh yes, when she believed something she discusses hard but fair 🙂 I guess other can tell you stories of her political and social life about her. Everyone accepted her and were respectful.


Fever_6493This evening i go out to shoot a short video about the musicians. My massage doctor wouldn`t like it. But what shall i say. My daughter asked when you do the next video? How about cooking in China. Janne loves chinese dishes.

That remember me about our, with young Jinan people. They started to discuss a while. Than Coco translated to me, they discussed the topic which is the best or hippest restaurant in town. It is important in China. We want to create a Webisode, a series for the Web short and good 🙂 what else, or.

Yesterday i learned something else. We sit in the restaurant and didn´t ordered something. Just when i asked if I can order something for all, the owner presented us 4 drinks. Unbelievable. More strange is that young people sitting in the restaurants without ordering a drink or something to eat for example by starbucks. Could you imagine what they will say in Germany. Germany wake up!
Another story about generation or is it because I´m stranger. They opened the bottles, the drink of the owner at least when i opened it. And I waited if they want open it. And if they not died they you can still sitting them there on the chairs waiting how open at first the drink 😉  I love such stories, written by life.

Shall I or shall I not – Shakespear

It is the hottest day since my arrival in Jinan. I liked to go to the Daming Lake. I could take a taxi, but i never used, I love to go along the Black Tiger River to this place. The next point, shall carry my backpack? Or shall I go like a tourist only with my mobil phone? Hard questions. And what … If I leave it and i see the best scene? Can give any answers, very fast, thanks 🙂

Recovery2 & pelvic restraint

You never 20160830_Massage-Doctorknow, what is behind a face, front or facade. That happens yesterday to me. Still have trouble with my right neck and shoulder. I didn´t know is it harmless painfull or more sirious. We went to a massage doctor. It was closed. He will back at the other day. Shit, i thought, my hope for the day is gone.
My friend bring me to a pharmacie and it was amazing. At first the Master of the pharmacie is a well educated woman who knows what is good. She gave me the right 20160830_Pharmaciejapanese medicine. And she called a younger employe. The young woman did a massager unbelievable. It was hard, she goes deeple into my pain, but great. Later as i asked, what i have to charge for her. The master said: Nothing. Do you believe it. I was completely surprise.

You will never get in a german pharmacie.  „Germany, dress warm clothes 🙂 it is title of a Rap Song from a youth Hip Hop dance group of Cape Town.

Today i went to the massage doctor. He gaves me the similar massage like the young woman only much more intensive. I pulled out my spin, worked hard on my spin, back, head and shoulder. He told me I have S curve on my spin. I shouldn´t carry my big backpack. I told him over 25 years shoulder camera on the right side and the monitor mostly over head positions leaves their traces on my body. Still some people think, it is normal to show over 8 hours over head position in monitors by Studio camera work. Only they did it earlier it doesn´t meant it is ok. That´s my opinion.

After his massage I had to lay down. It was so heavy that i need a rest. Now after a few hours it is much better. I guess he repositioned my spin for the first time. Great job he did.

In my backpack i carry a camera body, not the lightest one, a heave wide and tele lens. That is quiet heavy. But tell me how shall i go around when I´m on a shooting. Like the last days. Taking only one lens? Or a trolley? How can I climp and go in the landscape or even in a parc? I must say i do a lot of Gyms and Spin exercices. Perhaps that is the reason nothin happen earlier.
Of course I had the backpack by the massage doctor. He looked not happy about that pack. On the way back I remember that i have this pelvic restraint. Until now i put in the slash if you don´t need it. I have to go so far until i use the pelvic restraint around my hips. It is great! i keeps the weight more on the hip and not on my shoulders. Sometimes shaking my head about myself.