Staging with actor

Last saturday it comes true. We had the first shooting. Here the offical fb site: Herr Berger sucht einen Sohn . On the pic you see me talking with young talented actor Tobias Ludloff. We had a short scene. That was good planed, because the first day when the team meets each others, you need always longer. We are a highly motived team, experienced actors, a young crew. Important we had fun by shooting. Work hard and enjoy what are you doing. That’s really important.

Exciting, the shooting for our movie starts – today – now!

Today is the first shooting for the movie: Herr Berger sucht einen Sohn – Mr. Berger is looking for a son.
It is a No-Budget movie. Nevermind, I’m director with the author. He is also the Protagonist. We start with a small scene. It is the first time i meet the team. I keep you informed what happens. And i will promote the movie with 360videos.

360video, Viewer vs. Visitors

When i see the discussion about 360video, VR, i guess I´m to sophiscated. I want more. One point is very intersting from Jessica Brillhart. Click on the her name for the youtube channel.
Her theory, to think by Editing not frame after frame – linear –  more in a circle. Is a great model where i working on, since I`m involved into 360video.
Ah, just I remember Jessica Brillhart says: Don`t tell your audience VIEWER, change your mind, that you change your behaviour and tell them VISITORS.
Then i looked some videos from her. I thought i will something much more different to my own work. Or I can say, I´m good. Just be back from Berlin, where I visited the 360video BERLIN MURAL FEST – click on the LInk to see the first 50seconds on my vimeo page.
My idea is to create the Murals for 360video. This means the VISITORS shall get a new perspective. Otherwise they shall visit the original. I like to create own murals in 360 space. I tell you, it is not so easy. I have to handle the workflow. Because I have to use other plug-ins. I work with After Effects and Mettle Mantra VR and Mantra Freeform Pro.
Every new software needs time to understand how it works. I´m on a good way. Let´s see where it goes.