Finally we, three artists get the project with young artist in Arad Romania. Lili was born in Arad and Nita lives there as Visual Artist and teacher for Art. With her class we do the art project.

It was a long process to get the foundraising from the KUNSTBEZIRK Stuttgart e.V. and the „Die Bundesbeauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien“ and the KUNSTVEREIN Stuttgart e.V. – Thank you.

How you see in a Selfie your cultural background? Does exist any kind of your familliar background in your Selfie? How does your Selfie change, when you bring some kind of your culture into the pic? How you transform your daily Selfie in art?

These are some kind of question and subject we like to work with the young artists in Arad. It will be very interesting. We created an website and we create more in the social media. Stay tuned and participate, everyone can share oure project.

Next time more, not more so long silence on my website.

Stay safe and have a nice week