Vincent Rocks – that is why i do films

The band plays since 20 years by this location. It is outside of Stuttgart on the top of a hill. It is a very nice place. Where you have a great view.

In memory of Paul Vincent, who died suddenly to early. The Musicians showed the Video which i edited.

Video presentation
In Memory of Paul Vincent.
Left is Uli Eisner Sound Designer and Günther Gebauer Bassist








Under the week is the audience small. They were absolutely impressed by the Music and the Video.

My impression was, that`s why i do films. it was a great Show.

Paul Vincent
Paul Vincent at his nearly last concert.

I did it – Music Clip Imagine Dragons

Premiere Timeline
The final timeline of the Adobe Premiere Competition with the material from IMAGINE DRAGONS

Friday night I uploaded my final music clip editing. It is the 25 years Adobe Premiere Competition. You downloaded the video material of the shooting from IMAGINE DRAGONS and do your own cut.
My idea and aim was to show a new interpretation of the song text and the video material. I did use After Effect or other possibilities. I concentrated on the edit and the mood of the pics. I’m satisfied with my result.

Now Adobe has to watch every single clip. Than they will judge the 25  finalist. Let’s see was happen. It was a great experience to work with such good material. And find my way of the visual song interpretation.

I keep you informed what happens.