Spring comes – Frühlingserwachen

After the artic weather from the last weeks, today just before the 1. May a little feeling of spring and sun. The place close to my home was very crowded. The tourist bus i saw the first time around Eastern. Hm, is the street such important or do the driver have a deal with the brewery in my street? What do you think?

Marienplatz, close to my place. A great arrangement
Tourist bus in my street
London Tourist Bus in my street, it is new. First time I saw it at Eastern. Is it because of the brewery in the street?

I did it – Music Clip Imagine Dragons

Premiere Timeline
The final timeline of the Adobe Premiere Competition with the material from IMAGINE DRAGONS

Friday night I uploaded my final music clip editing. It is the 25 years Adobe Premiere Competition. You downloaded the video material of the shooting from IMAGINE DRAGONS and do your own cut.
My idea and aim was to show a new interpretation of the song text and the video material. I did use After Effect or other possibilities. I concentrated on the edit and the mood of the pics. I’m satisfied with my result.

Now Adobe has to watch every single clip. Than they will judge the 25  finalist. Let’s see was happen. It was a great experience to work with such good material. And find my way of the visual song interpretation.

I keep you informed what happens.

The Symbol of my last work

Mercedes Maybach
Mercedes Maybach G-Model

Hi, long time ago. The last 12 days i was at the Mercedes Product Forum.
It was a hard work, specially the early hours start.
Yes, I know a lot of people must do it. Here a pic of the public area.
I guess you need one 🙂