Music Clip China 2016




music clip china 2016


Ok, es dauerte jetzt länger als ich wollte. Der Ton ist so schlecht, nur Kamera Mikro, dass ich den Clip den Musikern gab, mit der Bitte, ob sie ihn nochmals einspielen können. Scheint nicht geklappt zu haben. Egal, eines Abends ging ich der Musik nach und sah diese jungen Musiker. Ich fotografierte, der eine fragte mich nach den Fotos und daraus entstand der Clip.
Mein Ziel ist ja überall wo ich herum reise, einen Clip zu machen. Dabei es dem spontanen Begegnungen zu überlassen, was ich aufnehme, was mich interessiert und was sich ergibt. Wieder ein toller Clip geworden und ein paar neue Freunde gefunden.

English Version
This time it needs longer to finish the music clip. The sound was recorded by the camera mic. I asked the musicians if they can playback for the music clip. I guess it was to difficult, i didn´t hear a yes or no. One part of the chinese culture, not to dissapoint someone.
So, i decided to publish the clip. I like it, a spontaneous action. We had a lot of fun by shooting the clip. Because they cannot speak english, me no chinese. They don´t understand to play their song absolutely in the same way for the shooting.
Editing the clip, I was wondering why the hell the first time was nearly one minute longer. Than i saw it, by the first time they didn´t sing the RAP, they convinced me to shoot the audience. I refused 🙂 The second time he rapped he tried to show me with his arm to record the audience. Final at the third time i recorded the audience. They had a lot of fun with us.

the mystery

the one and next is, to shoot a short Halloween Video. We are developing the idea. My ideas are all to big. I mean to many people and locations are involved. I work together with an actress. We like to keep it small.

If any one have an idea, write us!

The second secret i hope to share from next week with you all. Cross the fingers that it will work. Let´s see, I´m optimistic.


work & progress, like this I can write my resume about producint my Hyperlapse from China. I did a few walks around to do some experiments with Hyperlapse.
For whom who don`t know what a Hyperlapse is, Timelapse is fast video done with photos. If you now move the camera you have Hyperlapse.

My idea is, to do not only a Hyperlapse. My location are not so great for a Hyperlapse, so i will mix it with other editing technics. I do some experiments. What i didn´t thought is, that it needs so much time to prepare the timelapse clips. I finished now nearly 15 clips. Ok, not all are fine. And still have to do more.

Keep curious where my experiment ends.
Hear from me, soon.